Ambulances Queue Up Outside Hospitals As Beds Turn Scarce
Hospitals Are Facing An Acute Shortage Of Medical Oxygen 
Country Facing An Acute Shortage Of vaccine Against COVID-19
Crematoriums & Burial Grounds Are Running Out Of Space
Alarming Levels Of Hunger In Country As COVID 19 Spread In Large-Scale
Rendered Millions Of People Jobless, Without Income, & At Risk Of Poverty

Poor Patients Await Treatment, Their Lives Are In Danger Due To Lack Of Beds & Oxygen Concentrators

Social media is flooded with requests for verified suppliers, in desperate urge of saving a life. Each individual is trying their best to help with leads for plasma, oxygen cylinders, beds, and Remdesivir for COVID-19 patients.

Our organization supports 1,00,000 doctors, nurses, frontline health workers, police personnel, sanitation and other workers with personal protective equipment (PPE) to enable them to continue delivering services to COVID-19 patients.  We are  helping COVID-19 care and treatment centers in Southern states of India in all headquarters and smaller towns with high-flow oxygen concentrator machines to enable them to support COVID-19 patients who require supplemental oxygen.

We are  working in five Southern States of India namely Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Pondicherry. During the pandemic, KEF INDIA meets many requests from migrant workers and COVID-19 infected patients. We arrange for ambulances, help patients get free treatment, distribute food, and help migrant workers return home safely and more.

The Entire Nation Is Panic-Stricken & Undergoing The Worst Health Care Disaster With A Constant Cry For HELP

The second wave of COVID19 pandemic in India raised an Emergency Health crisis with its large-scale spread in all parts of the country. The health system struggling to meet COVID 19 patients seeking medical assistance as there’s a critical shortage of Ventilators, ICU beds, and oxygen supply. The images from COVID 19 centers are difficult to witness, such as those of our citizens with empty oxygen cylinders crowding refilling facilities, hoping to save loved ones in the hospitals. According to the data’s, the past few days have seen more than 500,000 cases and above 5000 COVID 19 related deaths in different parts of the country.

Funding is the need of an hour. Therefore, keeping this in mind, we request you to strengthen our fight against COVID 19

Currently, our funding priorities include:

COVID – 19 Resulted In Reduction In The Quantity & Quality Of Food Consumed

As per official records, there are 420 million people who work in the informal sector as daily wage earners, street vendors, farm labourers, etc who are now suffering with no money coming in; they are scrounging to feed themselves and families. The central and state and governments’ efforts are countless but not reaching in all corners of the country. We are working tirelessly to provide food and other essentials to those in dire need.

Adverse Psychosocial Consequences Of COVID-19 Might Be Particularly Severe For Children

While many children are losing their parents to the deadly virus, many see their parents suffer financially due to job losses. Additionally, the lack of awareness and fear makes their extended families and neighbours hesitant when helping these children. Especially, COVID-19 seems to be have worsened the mental well-being of children and their families. In such tumultuous times, the children of India are staring at an uncertain future and need all the help we can send their way

Help Us

To support poor and vulnerable families affected by the COVID-19 with food baskets, Nutritious meals, including cooked meals, dry rations, hygiene kits (masks, soap, sanitizers, etc.)

Get Involved

As the country battle a severe second wave of the pandemic, this is a collective effort that can save lives, defeat hunger, assure distressed people, and help India in its decisive fight against COVID 19.

The foundation needs to raise Rs 8,55,00,000 for ration kits that will benefit 2,00,000 children and also access to education, nutrition, shelter, support and more.

KEF INDIA looks forward to partnering with individuals and organizations that are willing to support this cause financially or in kind.
If you are an individual looking to donate funds, please donate and help us spread the work Or Make an institutional contribution Or to make a contribution in kind with things like groceries, sanitation kits, smart devices or more.

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