KEF In Education

Education The Fundamental Right Of Every Child

Ensuring all children can unlock their full potential through education.Education is one of the most important investments a country can make in its people and its future. Education is a powerful agent of change, and improves health and livelihoods, contributes to social stability and drives long-term economic growth. However, despite great progress in the last few years, millions of children are still denied their right to education. Lack of access to education is one of the most certain ways of transmitting poverty from generation to generation.

Education is a fundamental pillar in the fight against poverty and the promotion of equality, freedom and the development of communities, because it gives each person the tools and knowledge they need to earn a living with dignity.

KEF Believes And Strives

KEF believes that every child should have the opportunity to attend primary school as a starting point. We are convinced that education is the best way to break the cycle of poverty for children in rural areas of Africa. It is well understood that poor uneducated children grow up to be poor uneducated adults. Children of poor families are less likely to enroll in and complete schooling because of the associated costs of attending school.


KEF strives to reach and uplift the poorest of the poor. We aim to assist disadvantaged Children and Youth in their quest to obtain a quality, relevant education in order to ensure that they are in a position to become global citizens and a competitive, productive element in the local and international job market.

KEF Break The Cycle Of Proverty

We KEF, focus is to break the cycle of poverty through educational interventions and providing educational opportunities for various age groups among India’s disadvantaged citizens.

We deliver economy-focused education while assisting those most in need with opportunities to improve their access to relevant education, thus enabling them to participate fully in the global economy. Through our belief in strong partnerships and the invaluable support of our immense volunteer base, we are proud and grateful to have instigated massive and enriching changes in the lives of so many people.

We have seen how important it would be for young people to have access to quality education that would help them continue their high school and higher education studies and also, we believe, bring about economic growth and greater stability to the country.

With this in mind we offer scholarship programs that give an opportunity to those who need it most. The selection is based on each family´s needs and commitment to their children´s education and is carried out among children attending schools that the organization collaborates with.

KEF For Girl’s Education

Education is not freely available to everyone – and in many parts of the world girls are the first to be excluded from it. Girls are the first to drop out of school, and the first to be failed by the system, facing the perils of early marriage, early pregnancy, and abuse. Without the choice to write their own futures, their endless potential is wasted.

Poverty is the greatest barrier to accessing an education – overcoming this barrier by investing in girls and women is a proven way of improving the health and wealth of entire nations.With access to education women can do amazing things: launch businesses, become health workers, run schools, and lead governments, making the world a better place for everyone.

Girl To A Woman

KEF provides a female Child with financial resources and support, dismantling the barriers to her education by partnering with her community, teachers, government officials and traditional authorities to deliver her entitlements. The support is not a one-off injection of money, but a package that allows her to get into school, do well academically, and maximize the value of her education after graduation. She joins the Women Empowerment and acquires the skills to start a business, or apply for a job or further education. She decides when to marry and when to have children. And she reinvest in the community that nurtured her.

Educate A Child With Residential Care

Rs. 2,520 per Month

Educate A Girl Child With Residential Care

Rs. 2,960 per Month

Educate A Child With Hunger Free

Rs. 1,500 per Month

Educate A Differently Abled Child

Rs. 3,210 per Month