KEF’s Libraries

Literacy Through Libraries

In modern societies literacy and specifically reading literacy, is a pre-requisite for success in life. Studies emphasise the importance of reading for pleasure for both educational as well as personal development. These studies show that promoting reading can have a major impact on children/young people and adults for their future.

KEF For Libraries

Actually work for the library development is in various forms. By donating books, conducting book donation drive, book reading programs, book exchange programs, donating mobile book vans, various reading based activity programs, mobile crèche equipped with books, book trunks, painting libraries, library furniture, wall hanging book kits, librarian training programs etc.

Digitalization In Libraries

Equality of opportunity in the digital age requires that all individuals have access to online information and digital tools along with the skills to create content, assess and use information, and participate fully in a digital world.

Nature Of Books

The books we donate mostly are published in our country. Our libraries contain a majority of local authors and illustrators. We strive not only to provide everyone access to great books, but to support local artists and publishers in the process. Further, it is valuable when children and youths see authors and illustrators with names like their own. It’s a subtle reminder that if they wish to be artists, they can succeed just like others in their own country.

We also donate local language children’s books. This makes reading more natural, fun and engaging for children and youths. Local language books are familiar and inviting, which encourages children and youths to read more often.

KEF’s School Libraries

School libraries have been a subject of policy recommendations for a long time, but a visit to a Government Primary School will reveal that this has not been translated into reality at the ground level. Most government and even few private schools students of our country have not seen libraries yet.

KEF’s Library Team visits the school and works with the local education department to use space the school already has. We turn large, empty rooms into beautiful new children’s libraries for schools.

High quality, educational books are the heart of our libraries. Our mission is to give children access to quality books that will improve their education. In order to achieve this, we carefully select each and every book we put on our shelves. Every book has a purpose and must meet certain criteria before being added to our libraries.

KEF’s Public Libraries

We KEF, know the power of public libraries. Worldwide, public libraries are uniquely positioned to provide this opportunity. Most countries have public libraries, and they are safe and trusted places with trained staff, existing infrastructure. As vital as they are, however, public libraries are often overlooked and underutilized.

People in rural and poor communities are the least likely to have online access or the skills to navigate the digital world, making it harder to search for employment, find markets for their crops and products, access government programs, learn new skills, research important health issues, and engage in social interactions with distant family members and friends.

KEF’s Libraries are always keen to have adequate and ongoing resources to keep up with ever-changing community needs. To reach their full potential as centers of learning, creativity, and community development, libraries need staff skilled in information technology, partners providing services for users, and supportive networks providing resources such as broadband connectivity.

Access to information and knowledge is a great equalizer. It enriches lives, informs choices, and prepares people for meaningful employment and contribution to their communities. It’s an era where economic, educational, health, and social opportunities began to increasingly depend on access to information online, and where lack of internet access came to mean lack of opportunity.

KEF’s Library on Wheels

Library on Wheels, we would fill a van with books and take it from one Schools, Colleges, Societies, Clubs, Residential Areas etc to the other so that the Children, Youths, Adults and Senior citizens could read them.


We provide access to interesting and quality about thousands of books to give each and everyone the opportunity to read more often and improve their skill.

Donate for Libraries

Sponcer Books For Libraries

Rs.500 & Above

Sponcer A School Library

Rs. 3,00,000

Sponcer A Public Library

Rs. 5,50,000

Sponcer A Mobile Library (Including Vehicle)

Rs. 6,00,000