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Even the smallest donation makes a difference

Just 1 rupee can save a life

Donate One Rupee For Charity And Win One Lakh Rupees

1 Rupee doesn’t make much difference in our life, but it can be a changeover for someone.

To participate in the One Rupee Challenge Contest fill the form below and get your Ticket Number,along with this Ticket Number send One Rupee to our account by using Any mode of Online payments.


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    Hope You Will Participate In This Noble Cause

    As the pandemic spreads and the number of people infected increases exponentially, it is important to stay safe and lend a helping hand to others.

    Change yourself to a contributor for a change in our entire society by making the under-privileged to privileged status. So step in and do give in your best for this right cause.

    KEF With One Rupee

    Over 300 million people in India are illiterate — one of the largest populations in the world — and among the more than 130 million children in primary schools, over half are not able to read and write at their grade levels. Yet, a literate, and in today’s times, a digitally literate population, is key to India’s development and economic empowerment.

    Remember that you are going to build a life by the contribution you make. The outcome of your giving will be a better society, a better India. So we stand in front for the mission to ask you to help us by your valuable contribution to change the life of millions of Children.

    The future of these children will have an opportunity to be exposed to learning of Sports, Arts, Dance, Music and other skills which will make them real creators. To make a Sportsman out of the one who knows game is not the real challenge but the real challenge lies when you make a person out of nothing to something of great worth.